How You Can Update Beneficiary Designations

Depending on the status of the enrollment window and how your benefits application is set up, you can change your beneficiaries from either the Benefits page or the Change Beneficiaries Page.

On the Benefits page, you can make updates to your beneficiaries only if a relevant enrollment window is open. Depending on setup, you can use the Change Beneficiaries page to change beneficiaries even after an enrollment window has closed. To get to this page, click Search, enter Change Beneficiaries, and select the action.

You can change beneficiaries on the Change Beneficiaries page only if you are already enrolled in benefits that allow beneficiary designations. You can't use this page when there's already an enrollment window that has started. In that case, you can go to the Benefits page.

If you need to add a beneficiary based on a previous life event, you need to contact your administrator. They need to back out the started event and then you can use the Change Beneficiaries page to update your designations.