Create Advanced Filters for Your Worksheets

If the existing filters aren't what you need, you can create your own using the columns available in the worksheet.

  1. On the worksheet toolbar, click the Filter icon.
  2. On the row with any configured filters, click the Edit Advanced Filters icon.
  3. On the Edit Advanced Filters page, click the Add icon.
  4. In the added row, enter a descriptive name, such as Bonus Under Target.
  5. Build the filter conditions.
    1. Click the Edit icon.
    2. On the Edit Condition dialog box, click Build Condition.
    3. Select the column you want to use for the filter, such as Bonus Amount.
    4. Select the operation, such as Is less than.
    5. Enter a fixed value. Or, you can compare the values in the selected column with values in another column. For example, you switch to columns and select Bonus Target Amount.
    6. To add more conditions, click Next.
    7. When you finish creating your condition, click Done. After you create a filter, you can edit it, add additional conditions, or delete any of the existing conditions.
  6. When the condition is ready, validate that it works. If you don't get any errors, the filter is ready to use.
  7. On the information message, click OK.
  8. On the Edit Condition dialog box, click Apply.
    On the filter bar of the table, you see the Advanced Filters choice list. It includes the filter you just created.