Drilling to more Detail

You can drill to another OTBI analysis to view more detail in the advanced report created .

  1. On the Catalog page, click to select the Age Band Summary report.
  2. Click the Copy icon, then click the Paste icon.
  3. In the Catalog list, click to select copy of Age Band Summary, then right-click and select Rename.
  4. In the Name field, enter Age Band Drill. Click OK.
  5. In the Age Band Drill row, click Edit. Expand the View section vertically and horizontally and remove some of the features not required for a list report.
  6. In the View section, click to select Table and then click Add View.
  7. Click the Criteria tab. In the Assignment Count criteria, click the Settings icon and select Delete.
  8. In the Subject Area section, click to expand Worker, and then double-click .Display Name.
    Example: If the summary report is to list workers, you can add their Person Number, Gender, and Business Unit Name.
  9. In the Age Band column, click the Settings icon and select Filter.
  10. Click the Operator drop-down list and select Is prompted. Click OK.
  11. Repeat steps 9 and 10 to set the filters for with Gender, Country, and Business Unit Name
  12. Click the Results tab.
  13. Reorganize the columns so that they’re in a meaningful order.
  14. Click the Criteria tab. Remove all the interactions in the results.
    1. In the Person Number column, click the Settings icon and select Column Properties.
    2. Click the Interaction tab. In the Column Heading section, click the Primary Interaction drop-down list and select None.
    3. In the Value section, click the Primary Interaction drop-down list and select None. Click OK.
      Similarly, you can remove the interactions for Person Gender and Display Name.
  15. Click the Results tab. Follow the steps below to remove thescroll bars.
    1. In the Table section, click the View Properties icon.
    2. In the Data Viewing section, click to select Content Paging. Click OK.
  16. Click Save Analysis.
    Edit the original version of the report to call this report.
  17. Click the Catalog link. In the Age Band Summary row, click Edit.
  18. In the Column Selector row, click Edit View. In the Column 2 column, Assignment Count row, click the Column Properties icon.
  19. Click the Interaction tab. In the Value section, click the Primary Interaction drop-down list and select Action Links.
  20. Click the PLUS icon to create a new action link. Click the Invoke PLUS symbol and select Navigate to BI Content.
  21. Navigate to the edited version of the Age Band Drill report. Click OK.
  22. Click Options. Click to select Open in New Window. Click OK. Click OK. Click OK.
  23. Click to select Do not display in a popup if only one action link is available at runtime.
    If I don’t select this, I’ll have to select the report from the small popup displaying the report link text, and that’s not what I want.
    OTBI will open a new tab and run the detail report.
  24. Click OK. Click Done.
    The link to the new detail report is added to Assignment Count, but not to Head Count.
  25. Click Save Analysis.
  26. Save the report and run it from the catalog.
    OTBI automatically runs the detailed Age Band Summary report you created in a new tab. You can go back to the original report to view the required details.