Define Delivery Options

As part of the Define Extracts process, you need to define delivery options. Select Extract delivery options to define the formatting and layout for the extract definition.

Here are the steps:
  1. Select the Deliver tab and then click Add to define the delivery options.
  2. Enter the delivery option name and type. Complete the fields for the delivery options, as shown in this table and click OK.
Field Value Value
BI Publisher Template ReportLayout EFTLayout
Output Type PDF EFT
Delivery Type Email FTP
Delivery Option Name Email to HR FTP to 3rd Party
Output Name HeadcountReport EFTReport
  1. Define further information for each delivery option in the Additional Details region. Ensure you enter the more information such as, the server, user name, and password for the FTP delivery type.
  2. Click Validate to review the extract definition setup. Review the validation messages and ensure the structure is valid.
  3. Select Export XML Schema to download the XML Schema Definition (.XSD) file for this extract setup. This exported file contains the structure of the extract definition: the data groups, records, and attributes.
  4. Click Done.