Enter an Ohio School District for Tax Calculation

An employee must complete and submit a Withholding Exemption Certificate that identifies their school district if:

  • You hired them as a new employee in Ohio.

  • They moved into a taxable school district.

Use the Calculation Cards task to update their Tax Withholding card with this school district tax info.

Note: Not all school districts use allowances. Some use flat rates.The payroll process checks these tax components in this order to determine an employee's Ohio school district.You don't enter allowances at the school district level.

To update the tax card:

  1. From My Click Groups, click Payroll.

  2. Click Calculation Cards.

  3. Search for the employee, and open their Tax Withholding card for editing.

  4. In Withholding Details, expand OH. Then expand the county and city nodes.

    If these nodes don't exist, click Add Tax Withholding and select Add Withholding Information to add them.

  5. Click the city node.

  6. For new employees, click Edit and select Update.

    For an existing employee, select Correct.

  7. In City Tax Information, select the school district.

    Note: The field displays only school districts appropriate for the resident tax city. Confirm you're using the person's home address for tax purposes and not one of Resident Tax Address type if you see:
  8. Click Save.