Export and Import Rules Using SOA Composer

You can export and then import approval rules from one environment to another.

Before you start

  • Ensure you have the BPM Admin Role (BPMProcessAdmin) to be able to import or export rules.
  • Ensure the source and target environments must be at the same patch level as well as the same release version of the composites or the import process will fail.

  • Export SOA runtime changes, that is modified tasks and rules only.
  • Modify the exported file to include only specific composites for import in case there are saved or uncommitted approval rule changes unwanted in the target instance.

Here's what to do

  1. Open SOA Composer in the source environment using the URL: https://host:port/soa/composer.
  2. Go to the Export/Import menu and click Export SOA Changes.
    Wait for the processing to complete. The process creates an archive file.
  3. When complete, click Download and save the archive onto your local drive.
  4. Use the appropriate application such to open the archive.
  5. From the archive, extract the CS_SOA_ExportList.txt file and then do these steps:
    1. Edit to include only the composites you want to import.
    2. Save, then drag and drop this file back to the archive.
    3. Click Yes to confirm. The jar is ready for import.
  6. In SOA Composer in the target environment, go to the Export/Import menu and click Import SOA Changes.
  7. Click Choose File and select the modified archive to import, then click Import.
  8. When the import is complete, check the rule configurations in the Transaction Manager: Rules page to verify if the migrated rule appears.