HCM Experience Design Studio

You can do these actions in the HCM Experience Design Studio:

  • Configure HCM actions

  • Configure person spotlight

  • Add background images for landing pages for redesigned HCM actions

How to Configure HCM Actions

You can do these actions in the Transaction Design Studio:

  • Create rules to configure pages to include sections and fields applicable to your business.

  • Change the required status of optional attributes.

  • Control the availability of the questionnaire page for actions that use the guided process design.

  • Enable flexfields and the segments that you want to make visible.

You can specify these common criteria for a rule:

  • Legal Employers: Select the legal employers covered by the rule.

  • Business Unit: Select the business unit covered by the rule.

  • Roles: Select the applicable roles. This is the role of the user that's performing the action.

You can hide unused or optional sections and fields on the redesigned actions and pages. For example, for the promote action for the India legal employer, you can show the salary section if a worker's salary is adjusted during promotion. You can choose to hide the position section and the position fields if you don't use position management.

You can create multiple rules for an action. The criteria help determine which rule applies to which employees. If an employee meets multiple criteria for a page or action, then the rules are applied in the order displayed in the transaction design studio. You can set a rule to be active or inactive. You can have only one active rule for any action at any time.

Note: You can configure the Convert Pending Worker flow using the Create Work Relationship action.

How is it Different from the Page Composer

The Transaction Design Studio doesn't replace the ADF Page Composer completely. It reduces the need to create EL expression to vary pages for different roles or legal employers. You can use either of the tools depending on your requirement. Use the ADF Page Composer advanced configuration options to configure changes not supported by the Transaction Design Studio.

How to Configure the Person Spotlight

You configure the person spotlight using the person spotlight page in the HCM Experience Design Studio. You can change the sequence in which they appear on a person's spotlight. In addition, you can hide a tab completely or use an EL expression to make the tab available to a select group of employees.