Simulate Approval Rules

You can configure and test approval rules to correct any errors instead of recreating and submitting the rules again.

Before you begin, do the following:

  • Create a new profile option HCM_TEST_APPROVAL_RULES_ENABLED and enable it. Make it updateable at the site level. Set it to true.
  • Ensure that you have the Review HCM Approval Transactions as Administrator (ORA_PER_REVIEW_HCM_APPROVAL_TRANSACTIONS) duty role which includes the Test Approval Rules (PER_TEST_APPROVAL_RULES_PRIV) function privilege.

  1. Navigate to the Transaction Console, click the Approvals tab.
  2. Search for the rule you want to test either by specifying the transaction name, user name, or the status of the submitted transaction.
    If testing is available for the process, the Test Rules icon is displayed.
  3. Click the Test Rules icon to go to the Approval Rules configuration page.
  4. In the Test Approvals Rules page, click Simulate.
    Review the processing message and check for errors.
  5. In case of errors, navigate back to Configure Rules, make changes, commit the changes and then test the rules again.