Submit a Related Flow

Use the Submit Related Flows task action on the Checklist page to submit additional tasks within an existing flow. For example, suppose you have a flow that has these three tasks:

  • Calculate Payroll

  • Prepayments

  • Generate Check Payments

After you submit the flow, you want to add the Run Payroll Activity Report to review and validate the run results before generating the payments.

Select the Submit Related Flow task on the Checklist page, for the Prepayments task and you're redirected to the Select a Flow page from where you can select the additional flow you want to submit. Select a flow and enter these details:

  • Flow instance name

  • Parameters

  • Process After Error option

Select the Process After Error check box if you want the related flow to run even if the parent flow is in error.

The Submit Related Flow action is available for all tasks and statuses. The Legislative Data Group (LDG) for the related flow is by default the LDG of the parent flow, and hence you don't have to select the LDG for the related flow. After you submit the flow, you're directed to the related flow checklist, and not the parent flow checklist.