Report Time and Absences with Time Cards

You can report your worked time and manage time cards for various periods, including fix incomplete time cards and ones with errors. Use the Me > Time and Absences > Current Time Card and Existing Time Cards tasks.

You can also report absences on your time cards. But to change absence entries, you need to delete the entries and add them again. Or, you can use the Existing Absences task.

To spend less time completing your current time card, you can copy data from your previous time card. Depending on your time card setup, you use either the More Actions menu or the Entries section Actions menu. Also depending on your setup, you can mark time cards with data that stays fairly constant as favorites. You can use these favorites to copy data to the current time card. If you report project time, you can also add current project, task, and assignments values to your time card. Both of these actions are on the time card, in the Entries section on the Actions menu.

Tip: If you use responsive time cards, when you copy an existing time card with a public holiday entry, the copy excludes the holiday entry. The same thing happens with any absence entries because each holiday is unique and typically, so are absences. For example, your existing time card has a US public holiday on Monday, an absence on Tuesday, and regular worked time on Wednesday through Friday. When you copy the time card entries to a new time card, only the regular worked time copies. If you use classic time cards, you can specify whether to also copy absences.

If you need a physical record of your saved or submitted time card, you can print it using either of these Actions menu options:

  • On the Existing Time Cards page, the Print Time Card option
  • On the time card page, the Print option

If you don't have permissions to edit your time cards, you can submit change requests using the Request Time Change task. Again, depending on your time card setup, use the More Actions menu or the Entries section Actions menu.