Control Display of Tabs in My Journeys

In this example, you reorder tabs in My Journeys using contants with an array type.

My Journeys

A unique page property is used when tabs are extensible. They control these attributes.

  • Display and ordering of each tab that gets displayed, by default. In Journeys, the page property used is listOfTab. The default list of tabs shown are Explore, My Journeys, My Tasks, Assigned Journeys, and Activity. The tabs can be reordered or removed by modifying the array.
  • The page property description provides you the values expected by the array:
    • {"id" : "explore", "icon": "oj-ux-ico-view"}
    • {"id" : "myJourneys", "icon": "oj-ux-ico-due-dillegence"}
    • {"id" : "myTasks", "icon": "oj-ux-ico-progress-list"}
    • { "id": "orgJourneys", "icon": "oj-ux-ico-building"}
    • {"id" : "activity", "icon": "oj-ux-ico-progress-linear"}

Let's look at the steps to reorder or remove tabs.

  1. Click + to add the tabs you want to show in the page using the values provided in the description.
  2. Drag and drop to reorder the tabs.
  3. Click the delete icon to remove a tab.