Find Colleagues Using Connections

Use Connections to find and view your coworkers’ profiles and update your own profile. You can view their work location, organization chart, contact information, and their assignments. Depending on the information they added to their profile, you can view their interests, work experience, and areas of expertise. On their profile, you can also add your feedback for them.

Search for a Colleague and Add your Feedback

In this example, you’re an employee using Connections to search for a coworker and add your feedback for them.
  1. On the Home page, click Connections.

  2. In the search field, enter Elizabeth.

    You can see autosuggestions as you’re typing.

  3. You can select one of the results or press Enter.

    You can see a list of all the people that are named Elizabeth.

  4. Refine your search further by adding filters.

    1. Click the Advanced Search icon.

    2. Click the Location filter.

      When you click in the Location search field, you can see all the locations that has employees named Elizabeth and how many worker assignments each location has.

    3. Select the location that you want.

    4. For more filters, click More.

    5. Click the Title filter.

    6. Click in the Title search field and select Directory of HR Service Desk.

    7. From the search results, select Elizabeth Mavery.

      On her profile, you can see Elizabeth’s title, contact info, location, organizational and personal information. If she has added tags, interests, skills to her profile, you can see that information. Depending on the feedback settings, you can also see the feedback others have given Elizabeth.

  5. Add your feedback for Elizabeth.

    1. In the What Others Think section, click the Provide Feedback icon.

    2. Click the Who can see this field and select Visible to managers and Elizabeth Mavery.

    3. In the What do you want to say field, enter your feedback. For example, Great job closing the quarter!

    4. Click Save.

Get Familiar with Your Organization

You can search for anyone from any profile page or any org chart in Connections. You can use org charts to explore the organization and find the people reporting to a manager including dotted line reports. In this example, you’re exploring your organization using org charts.

  1. In Connections, search for an employee, for example, Elizabeth Mavery.

  2. Click the chevron icon next to her manager, Robert Jackman.

    You can see all the people that report to Robert Jackman.

  3. Click Robert Jackman's profile.

  4. On his profile page, in the Reports section, click the Org Chart button.

    You can see Robert Jackman’s manager, Robert Jackman’s direct reports, and the people who report to Robert Jackman’s direct reports, if there are any.

  5. Optionally, you can search for anyone using the search icon on the org chart page.

  6. On the org chart, click Elizabeth Mavery’s profile.

    You can to see the people she reports to, including dotted line managers.

  7. On the org chart, click the Directs tab to see the people that report to Elizabeth directly.

  8. Click the All Reports tab to see all the people that report to Elizabeth through her direct reports.

  9. Click the Departments tab to view the different departments Elizabeth’s reports are in.

  10. Click a department to view all the people that report to Elizabeth in that department.

  11. Click the Locations tab to view the different locations all her reports are in.

  12. Click a location to view all the people that report to Elizabeth in that location.

Update Your Profile

On your profile, you can add or edit your picture, contact information, links to your social networking profiles, Linkedin, Slack, and Zoom. You can add information about yourself that your coworkers in your organization can see when they search for you.

  1. In Connections, search for your profile.

  2. In the About Me section, click the Edit icon to update your profile.

    You can add information about yourself, your interests, expertise, and tags using which people can search for you.

  3. Click Save.