Access Your Digital Assistant Environment

Here you'll set up access privileges for yourself and your team to the Oracle Digital Assistant that has been provisioned for you. For details, see the Related Topics section.

Set Up Access for Digital Assistant

You set up your team members' access to Digital Assistant through Oracle Identity Cloud Service. To get there, you first need to sign in to your Oracle Cloud Account with your existing cloud administrator sign in credentials.

Confirm Synchronization

An IDCS application is set up to represent your Oracle CX instance. This IDCS application is essentially an intermediary to synchronize your user accounts between Oracle CX and Digital Assistant. In this section, you'll confirm that the user accounts are indeed synchronized.

Navigate to the IDCS Application for Digital Assistant

An IDCS application is also set up for you to manage access to Digital Assistant.

Assign Yourself and Other Administrators the ServiceAdministrator Role

You'll want to assign the ServiceAdministrator role to yourself and possibly a few other people. This will grant you full privileges within the Digital Assistant, including a number of capabilities, such as viewing detailed audit information and purging data, that developers and business users don't need.

Assign Your Developers the ServiceDeveloper Role

Assign the ServiceDeveloper role to users that will be working with the Digital Assistant instance to extend and configure the FADigitalAssistant and any of the skills that it encompasses.

Assign Business Users the ServiceBusinessUser Role

The ServiceBusinessUser role is available for users who need to evaluate the digital assistant and skills and evaluate how they're being used.

Get the Digital Assistant Instance URL

Get the URL for Digital Assistant so that you can bookmark it and share it with your developers.

See the related links section for description and procedures. Ensure that you replace HCM with Oracle CX.