Known Issues for Oracle IoT Asset Monitoring Cloud Service

Learn about known Oracle IoT Asset Monitoring Cloud Service issues and their recommended workarounds.

Drop-Down List of Choices Fails to Appear for Dynamic Attributes Using Specific Allowed Values

IOT-96639: If you have defined a dynamic custom attribute for an asset or machine type, and you are trying to use the dynamic attribute in a rule or duration metric condition, the editor fails to show the available choices for the attribute. The issue also happens in the asset/machine editor, and when you are trying to trigger an action using the dynamic attribute in Operations Center, or in a rule.

Workaround: The workaround is to manually enter the desired, allowed value in the dynamic attribute field.

Metrics, Predictions, Trends, and Anomalies Cannot Share a Common Name for the Same Asset Type

IOT-91161: You cannot create more than one analytics artifact using the same name for the same asset type. For instance, if you have created a metric for an asset type, you cannot create a prediction, trend, or anomaly with the same name as the metric name for the same asset type.

Running a Test for Group Aggregated Metrics Returns Incorrect Group IDs

IOT-87603: If you are creating a formula-based metric that is aggregated at the group level (On Schedule per Group), and you try to test the metric in the metric editor using the Run Test option, the test results for the various groups are returned correctly, but the entity GUIDs of the groups are displayed incorrectly.

Support for Internet Explorer is Deprecated

Support for Microsoft Internet Explorer is deprecated.

Workaround: Microsoft Edge browser is supported.

On-Schedule Global Metrics Are Not Retrospectively Calculated for Imported Historical Data

IOT-75550: If you have imported historical data into your instance, and you have metrics of type On Schedule for Entity Type, then these metrics are not computed retrospectively for the imported historical data.

Role Changes for a User May Not Take Effect Immediately

IOT-65612: If you add a role to a user, the role privileges aren't effective immediately in the same session.

Workaround: Sign out from the session, and log in to the application again after 15 minutes, allowing the cache to expire. If this workaround doesn't help, then clear the browser cache and cookies, restart your browser, and log in again.

Importing a Previously Exported Organization from an Earlier Release Fails

IOT-65790: If you try to import a previously exported organization from an earlier release into an Oracle IoT Asset Monitoring Cloud Service OCI instance, the import fails.

Import of exported organizations from previous releases is not supported.

False Positives May Appear When Using Metric Anomalies on Slow-Varying Data

IOT-54678: When creating metric-based anomalies, you may see occasional false positives if the data is slow varying.

Limitations of Combining Predicates

IOT-28262: Threshold predicates are evaluated against the attributes of the devices of an asset. The last known value of these attributes is stored. Geo and alert predicates are evaluated against events. Events are not stored, so they evaluate to true at least once for each event, that is the moment when the event was received.

Consequently, predicate composition has the following limitations:

  • The predicate that results from combining more than one geo or alert predicates, never evaluates to true because events cannot arrive at the same time.

  • The predicate that results from combining geo or alert predicates with threshold predicates only evaluates to true when the threshold conditions were satisfied before receiving the geo or alert event.

Workaround: None.