POST /api/cloud/1.0/feeders/instances

Retrieves information for up to 200 feeder service instances, searched by service instance GUID.

Important: Request header 'X-HTTP-Method-Override' needs to be set with value 'SEARCH'.

Request parameters




Possible values


array of GUIDs

The unique identifiers for the service instances to retrieve. Maximum of 200 GUIDs per request.

  • If a GUID does not exist, or has been deleted, the result will be excluded from the response.
  • If the array contains duplicate GUIDs, or exceeds the 200 limit, a 400 Bad Request will be returned.
  • The dashes within the GUID are required.

Response parameters




statement string The markup language statement used for referencing.
dependentAssetType string The asset type for which the service instance is being used. Possible values include: Campaign or Program. For example, if the service is on a campaign canvas, the dependentAssetType would be Campaign.
dependentAssetId string The asset Id for the asset for which the service instance is being used in.
requiresConfiguration boolean Whether or not user configuration is required before the service can be used.
uri string System-generated unique resource identifier.
createdBy string The login id of the user who created the service instance.
createdAt string The date and time the service instance was created, expressed in Unix time.
updatedBy string The login id of the user that last updated the service instance.
updatedAt string The date and time the service instance was last updated, expressed in Unix time.


Retrieve 2 feeder service instances:

POST api/cloud/1.0/feeders/instances
X-HTTP-Method-Override: SEARCH
Content-Type: application/json

Request body:

  "ids": [

Important: Remember to include the dashes for the service instance GUIDs. A 400 validation error will be returned if the dashes are omitted.


  "items": [
      "statement": "{{FeederInstance(4de74ef1bb2c44d697ba6acb1565bc58)}}",
      "dependentAssetType": "Campaign",
      "dependentAssetId": 6662,
      "requiresConfiguration": true,
      "uri": "/feeders/90289/instances/4de74ef1bb2c44d697ba6acb1565bc58",
      "createdBy": "API.User",
      "createdAt": "2018-06-01T17:57:00.1470000Z",
      "updatedBy": "API.User",
      "updatedAt": "2018-06-01T17:57:23.5130000Z"
      "statement": "{{FeederInstance(97e3f90e6ef840a89554588a72de440e)}}",
      "dependentAssetType": "Program",
      "dependentAssetId": 1385,
      "requiresConfiguration": true,
      "uri": "/feeders/90289/instances/97e3f90e6ef840a89554588a72de440e",
      "createdBy": "API.User",
      "createdAt": "2018-06-01T18:10:21.5700000Z",
      "updatedBy": "API.User",
      "updatedAt": "2018-06-01T18:10:36.8770000Z"

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