Validation errors

If the API fails to validate a request, it will respond with a 400 validation error message (JSON or XML) describing the issue.

The below validation errors are the most common and will respond with some details, including a list of validation messages. Validation errors typically occur when a request is malformed -- usually because a field has not been given the correct value type, or the JSON is misformatted.

Error types

  • EndpointParameterError: caused by incorrect input parameters
  • BooleanRequirement: the value must be either "true" or "false"
  • ContentRequirement: the content supplied is blacklisted
  • DateRequirement: the value must be a proper date
  • IdRequirement: the value must be an integer greater than 0
  • ImmutabilityRequirement: the value cannot be changed once it has been set
  • IntegerRequirement: the value should be an integer
  • NoDuplicatesRequirement: there is a duplicate value supplied in the request
  • NotNullRequirement: the value cannot be null or missing
  • ObjectValidationError: a problem with one of the properties on the object

    Some examples include:

    • TextWithNoUrlRequirement: the value must not contain URLs
    • TextWithNoHtmlRequirement: the value must not contain HTML
    • DateRequirement: the value must contain a date
    • EmailAddressRequirement: the value must contain an email address
    • ValidTextLengthRequirement: the value does not contain a valid number of characters
  • RelationshipRequirement: a relationship between two objects or related properties has not been met
  • SyntaxRequirement: the HTML is not valid or could not be parsed
  • UniquenessRequirement: the supplied name is not unique
  • UrlRequirement: the supplied value should be a valid url


For example, if you try to update a contact with id "sandwich" instead of an integer greater than zero:

GET https://.../data/contact/sandwich
Accept: application/json

You will receive a 400 response with "IdRequirement" error:


From the above "Error types" list, we see that this error means " the value must be an integer greater than 0".