Account field definitions

The following table lists and defines the default account fields in Eloqua.

Field name Definition
Address The street address of this account
Address 2 The 2nd address line for this account
Address 3 The 3rd address line for this account
Business Phone The business phone of this account
City The city of this account
Company Category The type of business this account is engaged in
Company Name The company name of this account
Country The country in which this account is headquartered
Date Created The date the account was created in Eloqua
Date Modified The last date the account was modified in Eloqua
Eloqua Company ID The company id assigned by Eloqua for this account
Fax The fax number for this account
Last Modified by CRM System The date this account record was modified by CRM
PURL Name (Default Hypersite) The default hypersite for this account
SFDC Account ID The id assigned to this account by SFDC (case sensitive)
State or Province The state or province of this account
Zip or Postal Code The zip or postal code of this account


Account fields