Eloqua-AddThis Integration app

The Eloqua-AddThis Integration app helps you to include AddThis sharing tools in your landing pages so your audience can share your content.

You can create multiple AddThis profiles in the AddThis UI, select social networks you want to offer visitors on your landing pages, and specify sharing tools.

Once you install the Eloqua-AddThis Integration app, you can configure corresponding profiles and use them in your landing pages to embed the sharing tools and social networks you specified in the AddThis UI. Visitors to your landing pages will see a set of icons that they can use to easily share your content on those social networks. You can then use your AddThis account and multiple profiles to view engagement metrics.

You can manage user permissions on this app by following the instructions listed here.

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Installing the AddThis app

Configuring the Eloqua-AddThis Integration app

Adding the AddThis service to your landing page

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