Adding the AddThis service to your landing page

To add the AddThis cloud content service to a landing page, the Eloqua-AddThis Integration app must be installed and configured.

To add the AddThis cloud content to a landing page:

  1. Open or create a landing page on which you will add the AddThis content.
  2. Drag the Cloud Content component on to the canvas.

    An image of the Cloud Content button

  3. Click Browse to display the Cloud Content menu, which lists all available content services.

    An image of the Cloud Content Browse button

  4. Locate AddThis Content, either by scrolling through the list or searching with the search box.

    An image of the Cloud Content menu with AddThis Content selected

  5. Click AddThis Content. The AddThis cloud content is added to the landing page.

    An image of the Cloud Content Configure button

  6. Click Configure. The Configure AddThis Instance dialog displays the default AddThis profile. If you created multiple profiles, you can select one from the list. You can select a tool type when you set up each profile in your AddThis account. For example, one profile can specify an inline sharing button and another profile can specify a floating button. For more details, see using profiles in your AddThis account.

    An image of selecting the desired AddThis profile

  7. Click Save. When it is finished saving, close the Configure AddThis Instance dialog.
  8. Complete other landing page content and click Save to save the landing page.

When you view the rendered landing page URL, you will see the AddThis icon and can click on it to share the content.

Once users visit your landing page, you can log in to the corresponding AddThis account to view engagement metrics for the corresponding profile. For details, see AddThis Analytics Dashboard in the AddThis Academy.

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