Dynamic Content app

The Dynamic Content app enables marketers to insert content from Oracle Content Marketing into emails and landing pages. Optionally, the marketer can personalize the content for specific personas and segments. This is a great way for authors to better understand the number of contacts that a piece of content tied to a persona might reach.

This personalization will display specific content assets based on a set of configured filters. The dynamic content that displays can be updated based on the most recently approved content asset in your content repository.

You can manage user permissions on this app by following the instructions listed here.

Dynamic Content app workflow

After creating a persona in Oracle Content Marketing to target specific audiences, pair the persona with Oracle Eloqua contacts and use Oracle Eloqua to deliver the dynamic content to these contacts. After your personas have been mapped to segments, install the app in Oracle Eloqua to begin pulling in your content from Oracle Content Marketing.

Configuring a content component using the Dynamic Content app involves:

  • Choosing a default content asset to display in an email or landing page
  • (Optional) Choosing to personalize the content for specific segments and personas
  • (Optional) Customizing the design and presentation of the content

After the app has been configured, the asset can be edited further in Eloqua prior to distribution. We recommend test sending your email or previewing your landing page to see how your asset will look.

Common Use Cases

Basic Emails

For customers wanting to leverage the collaboration, workflow, tracking, and storage capabilities of Content Marketing, it is common to build the body of the email as one content component and pull that content component into the email using the Cloud Content App.

The App will show a preview of the content. To preview the content in the email template, use the preview option in the email editor.

Editor view Live view
An image of an email in editor view. An image of an email in live view.

Email Newsletters

For email newsletters where multiple content components are used and more than one content may be dynamically personalized, each content component can be a configured instance of the app pulling in different approved content components from Oracle Content Marketing.

Editor view Live view
An image of an email newsletter in editor view. An image of an email newsletter in live view.

Next steps

Installing the Dynamic Content app

Configuring the app to display one content asset

Configuring the app to display personalized content

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