Configuring notifications

An import or action may fail due to various reasons such as connection or data related issues. Use the Notifications page in the Salesforce Integration app to setup email notifications to alert you of import and action errors. The notification includes your client and import name, start and end times, and identifies the step at which the error occurred.

An image of a sample notification.

To configure a notification:

  1. In the Salesforce Integration app, click Notifications.
  2. Click Add Notification.
  3. Select the notification settings and recipients:
    • Name: Provide a descriptive name that will appear in the list of notifications.
    • Connection: Select a specific connection or all connections.
    • Event Source Type: Notifications are currently available for imports and actions.
    • Event Source: This setting defaults to either all imports or all actions.
    • Event Type: Select either Error or Stopped. Notifications are available for failed imports and actions, as well as for instances where scheduled syncs (imports or activities) are stopped by the Salesforce App due to too many consecutive failures.
    • Email Notification Frequency: Set the frequency with which you receive error notifications (Instant, Hourly, or Daily).
    • Email(s): Enter recipient email addresses. You can enter multiple email addresses separated by commas.
  4. Click Save.

You can return to the notification area to create new notifications, as well as edit, delete, and disable existing notifications.

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