Configuring the campaign approvals workflow

The campaign approvals workflow is a set of stages that a campaign must pass through prior to activation. It is a global workflow for campaigns in your Oracle Eloqua instance. You can not create separate workflows for individual campaigns.

Note: The approvals workflow is not available for simple email and A/B test campaigns.

To configure the campaign approvals workflow:

  1. Click Settings An image of the Settings menu icon, which is represented by a black cog..

  2. Click Approvals in the Users and Security area.

    The Approvals dialog box opens.

    An image of the Approvals dialog box.

  3. Create the necessary review stages for your approval process:

    1. Click Add An image of the Add button.. The Add Review screen opens.
    2. Type the name of the stage into the Name field.
    3. (Optional) Type a brief, meaningful description of the stage into the Description field.

      Example: The first step in your approvals process might be a review of the content in your email and landing page. The description only appears when editing the stage. It is not shown in the list of steps when viewing the approval process.

    4. Type the name of a person that you want to set as an approver for this stage into the Reviewers field. When the correct name appears, click the full name to add them as an approver. You can only select individual users from your Oracle Eloqua instance.

      Important: When an approver is entered correctly, their name is displayed in the field with an X next to it. Click the X next to the name to remove them from the list of approvers.

      Repeat as needed until you have the desired number of approvers for this stage.

    5. Click Save to save the approval stage. The window closes and the Campaign Approvals Workflow dialog box appears.

    Repeat these substeps until you have the desired number of review stages. While there is no enforced limit of steps, it is recommended to keep the number of stages to a reasonable level.

  4. Make any appropriate adjustments to your approval stages:

    • To reorder stages in your workflow: Click and hold a stage, then drag-and-drop it to the desired position.
    • To edit a stage : Click Edit An image of the edit button to the right of the stage. The Edit Review dialog box opens, where you can rename, change the description, or modify the names of the reviewers for this stage.
    • To delete a stage: Click the X icon to the right of the stage. A confirmation dialog box opens. Click OK to confirm the deletion.

Your approvals workflow is set for your Oracle Eloqua instance.

Note: You cannot add, remove, or edit any of the approvers (reviewers) in the workflow while a campaign is active. You must deactivate all active campaigns in your Oracle Eloqua instance before you can make changes to the workflow.

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