An image highlighting the campaign canvasCampaigns are at the heart of Oracle Eloqua and marketing automation. Campaigns enable you to create dynamic, personalized, and unique journeys for your contacts.

You can create two types of campaigns:

  • Simple email campaigns allow you send a single email to a group of contacts. Choose your segment, email, and when to send the message. A simple email campaign can also be used to A/B test two emails.
  • Multi-step campaigns allow you to create a highly customized marketing campaigns that can intrigue contacts and adapt based on a contact's real-time activities. Using a simple drag and drop UI, quickly build campaigns that engage the right audience at the right time in your customer's journey.

Of course you'll want to monitor your campaign's performance. Oracle Eloqua allows you to easily access reports and performance metrics right from the campaign canvas.

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An image of the PDF icon. Download the Campaigns User Guide.

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