Moving contacts through a program or campaign

In most cases, once you set up your program or campaign, you will let contacts flow automatically through the workflow. However, you can manually move contacts through a decision or action step or remove them from the campaign or program all together.

To move contacts through a step:

  1. In the campaign canvas or program canvas, double-click the number of contacts on a decision or action step.

    An image of a step with a contact count. The image is highlighting where to double-click to see the step members report.

    The step members report opens.

    An image of the Step Members report. Contacts in the step are listed individually.

  2. Choose an option:
    • To move a contact to another step, select the contacts in the report, then click Move. Choose the new step and click Move Members.
    • To remove a contact from the campaign or program, select the contacts, then click Remove.

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