Accessing dashboards

To access a dashboard:

  1. Navigate to Analytics An image of the Charts icon., then click Dashboards.
  2. Click the dashboard you want to view.

    Tip: Use the filter to view specific dashboard types.

After you open a dashboard, have a look around try out some of the interactive features. Here are some of the interactions that are available on a dashboard.

  • To filter the dashboard, use the Filter results section.

    Note: Any changes you make are not saved.

    This image shows dashboard filters

  • To view more information about a chart's data, hover over the chart.

    This image shows a popup that appears when you hover over a dashboard chart

  • To zoom into a chart, move your mouse over an area and drag the cursor. To reset the view, click Reset Zoom.

    This animation shows how you can drag your cursor to zoom into a dashboard chart

  • To download a chart, click .

    A dashboard chart with the chart context menu circled.

  • To access the report in Insight, click .

    This image shows the report details option

    Note: This feature is not available from all dashboards.

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