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Email deliverability is about maximizing the potential number of emails reaching your contact's inbox.

It should be no surprise that getting your messages to the inbox is absolutely critical these days, especially if you’re using email as the way to kick off an orchestrated marketing program.

Deliverability support resources

Internet service providers (ISP) are constantly making changes to ensure that their subscribers receive emails that they actually want and that unwanted emails are sent to the spam or junk folder. To develop a successful email marketing strategy, staying informed of changes made by ISPs and trends can be helpful. Here are some resources you can use to help keep you informed and seek support when you need it.

Global Deliverability on Topliners

The Global Deliverability group on Topliners is a central location for all things related to deliverability including best practices, blogs, news, and updates. This group is open to Oracle customers, employees, and partners. Join Global Deliverability today!

DIY Marketing Success

Boost Series

This Boost Series gives you on-demand access to modern marketing ideas and examples by exploring best practices and strategies in a self-guided environment. The Boost Series is available to all Oracle CX Marketing customers.

Your Customer Success Manager (CSM) can help get you started with the Boost Series and ensure you are getting the most out of these resources.

Deliverability: DIY Marketing Success

The Do-It-Yourself Marketing Success group on Topliners provides resources and tools that can help you learn about and execute modern marketing best practices.

Oracle CX Marketing Email Deliverability Guide

Access guides, webinars, and best practices on the Oracle CX Marketing website and be sure to download the Email Deliverability Guide. This guide covers email deliverability best practices, the ISP landscape, international regulations, and deliverability strategies.

Oracle University

Oracle University offers the following instructor-led courses to help you achieve deliverability success:

Oracle Deliverability Operations support team

The Oracle Deliverability Operations support team is a global team of experts dedicated to supporting various deliverability issues. Each individual utilizes their global and localized expertise in email deliverability, and works with Oracle University customers to identify deliverability issues, assist in understanding the drivers behind the issues, and provide recommendations to address the issues going forward. If you are noticing deliverability issues, contact My Oracle Support  and create a service request.

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