My Eloqua dashboard


The My Eloqua dashboard provides visibility into what's happening in your Eloqua instance. You can view recently accessed assets, add shortcuts, and so on. The interactive dashboard is displayed when you sign in to Eloqua. It can be accessed at any time by hovering over Home An image of the Home icon. and clicking My Eloqua. The information displayed is dependent on the available features of Eloqua and your security permissions. Learn about the tiles in more detail below.

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An image of the My Eloqua dashboard.


  • My Contacts displays the number of contacts you have access to in your contact database. The contacts you have access to is dependent on your security permissions.
  • Total Visitors displays the number of visitors who have at least 1 inbound activity (for example: web click, email open, or email clickthrough) in the past 90 days, whether or not visitors were linked to any contact record.

Total database activity last 30 days:

  • The New Contacts graph displays the number of contacts that were added in the last 30 days.
  • The Contacts Web Activity graph displays the number of unique visits by known contacts. A unique visit is a visit by a distinct individual in a day, and does not count multiple visits by one individual.
  • The New Visitors graph displays the number of unique visits by anonymous visitors.


  • The Campaigns tile gives you high-level visibility into campaigns currently running, about to launch or expire. Clicking the tile provides a summary of each campaign, including access to settings and operational reports. See activating and deactivating campaigns for more details.

    An image of the Campaign Activity page with the Active tab selected.


  • The Approvals tile displays the number of campaigns that require reviews.
  • An image of the Approvals tile.

  • Click the tile to view the campaigns requiring approvals and previously approved campaigns. See campaign approvals for additional information.
  • An image of the Approvals page.


  • The Activity tile displays the activity of all users in your Eloqua instance system-wide. You will see the most recently edited assets, who they were edited by and when. If a single user edited multiple assets, only the most recently edited asset will be displayed.
  • An image of the Activity page.

Recently Accessed:

  • The Recently Accessed tile provides a quick way to navigate to the last 5 assets you have opened.


  • Use the Shortcuts tile for easy access to frequently used Eloqua features.
  • Click the Edit icon An image of the Edit icon. to customize your shortcuts.

    An image of the list of shortcuts.

Cloud Menu:

  • The cloud menu dock An image of the Cloud Menu icon. floats on the right side of the screen on the My Eloqua dashboard, campaign canvas, segments dashboard, as well as forms, emails, and landing page editors. It provides access to apps available through this service. The cloud menu only appears if there are applicable apps installed in your Eloqua instance, such as Oracle Marketing Calendar or SRM SmartCap apps.

Tip: Use the search to quickly find an asset in your instance. To search for an asset which has a colon in the name, you must specify that you are searching for the name of the asset. For example, to search for an asset named events:tradeshow:march, type the following into the search field name:"events:tradeshow:march".

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