Exporting reports

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To export a report:

  1. In Insight, run the report you want to export.
  2. Click Export at the bottom of the report.
  3. Select the export format:
    • PDF
    • Excel
    • PowerPoint
    • Web Archive (.mht)
    • CSV
    • Tab delimited format
    • XML Format

Export limits

  • Display limits for Pivot Tables and Tables For Display values:

    • Up to 200,000 rows
    • Max Cells: 1,400,000
    • Max Visible Pages: 1,000
    • Max Visible Rows: 200,000
    • Max Visible Sections: 250
    • Default Rows Displayed: 64,000
    • Note: Reports will not run if the limits are exceeded
  • Export limits:
    • Up to 200,000 rows to export
    • Up to 1.4 M cells to export
  • Agent limits:

    • Up to 200,000 rows
    • Data is truncated if it analysis exceeds 200,000 limit

Tips for exporting

  • Numbers and dates are exported in raw format with full number precision and format mask, rather than as a string in the data format specified, when exporting to Microsoft Excel.
  • Links are not included in an export.
  • If you are exporting a large number of rows, you might notice better performance if you export first to .csv, and then import that file into Microsoft Excel.

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