Oracle Content Marketing integration

Oracle Content Marketing is a cloud-based content marketing provider that helps companies plan, produce and deliver engaging content across multiple channels throughout their customers' life cycle.

Use Oracle Content Marketing with Oracle Eloqua to leverage the following features:

  • Oracle Marketing Calendar app: The Oracle Marketing Calendar displays all of your upcoming Eloqua campaigns (including drafts) and emails through a calendar view. While in Eloqua, the Oracle Marketing Calendar app opens in a separate browser tab. The calendar can be accessed by all users of your Eloqua instance and respects your security settings and permissions to only show campaigns and emails that users have access to view.
  • Dynamic Content app: The Dynamic Content app enables marketers to access content from Oracle Content Marketing and insert that content into emails and landing pages. Optionally, the marketer can choose to personalize the content by a persona that has been mapped to an Eloqua segment.
  • Promoting a single content asset: The out-of-the-box integration with Eloqua allows marketers to promote content from Content Marketing to Eloqua to store and use content assets to build campaigns.
  • Promoting multiple assets as a content group: Content Groups allow you to easily create groups of content that can be pushed into email campaigns, marketing automation platforms, or landing pages. The process of using content groups is as easy as selecting the content you would like to use, formatting the content to your liking, and pushing it to where you would like it to go (or you can download the html to be able to use it anywhere).
  • Publishing content to Eloqua: The Eloqua publisher allows marketers to automatically push content to Eloqua once it has been approved through workflow. The Eloqua publisher pushes the full, unmodified body of a content asset into the Shared Content folder within Eloqua. This functionality is currently under controlled availability.

Note: Content Marketing's Eloqua integrations use the Eloqua API to read the Eloqua user's rights and security group permissions. All security permissions Eloqua users are entitled to will be respected during Content Marketing to Eloqua integrations.

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