Replication sandbox

A sandbox is an environment used to test functionality before deploying a feature or data to your Oracle Eloqua environment, without affecting the original production system.

Tip: The toolbar at the top of the page can help you differentiate between your production instance and sandbox instance.
Sandbox instance:

Production instance:

With an Oracle Eloqua sandbox, you have the ability to link a sandbox to your organization's production instance. This can serve multiple purposes, such as testing campaigns, CRM integration changes, and CRM integration training, all without compromising the data and automation of your production instance.

Note: If you are using the Enterprise trim of Oracle Eloqua, you are automatically entitled to requesting a sandbox. If you are using the Basic or Standard trims of Oracle Eloqua, this is an add-on functionality. For more information on how to request access to the Replication Sandbox, please contact your account representative.

During sandbox replication, your Oracle Eloqua environment structure (including assets, campaigns, exports, recently accessed assets, and integrations) is replicated from production to a sandbox. All programs, integration calls, and auto syncs are included as part of the replication. Data including contact records, account records, custom objects, form spam submissions and prospects are not replicated. Insight is not available in the sandbox environment. All types of automation and anything that has the concept of being "active" is automatically disabled, such as campaigns. All users from your production instance are replicated, along with existing settings (for example, receiving emergency notifications, security groups, and so on.) Each time you initiate replication, everything in your sandbox is overwritten by an updated replica of your production environment.

Note: While you can replicate your production environment to a sandbox, you cannot replicate the changes made in your sandbox to production.

Important: Replicating your production environment cannot occur during an Oracle Eloqua release. Please check the Release Center for upcoming release dates.

Your production instance can be linked to more than one sandbox. There is no limit on how many sandboxes can be linked to a production instance, and you can trigger the replication for any linked sandbox individually. However, the production instances and the sandboxes must be located on the same pod.

The average replication time is approximately 4 to 8 hours, and the sandbox interface will indicate once it is complete. The amount of time required for the replication completion depends on many factors, the most important being the amount of data in your Oracle Eloqua instance and current server load. Larger Oracle Eloqua environments will take longer to replicate.

Note: The Replication Console indicates the status of your replication. If there was a failure during replication, please log a Service Request (SR) with Oracle Eloqua Product Support via My Oracle Support (MOS).

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