Oracle Social Relationship Management integration

Important: This Oracle Eloqua and Social Relationship Management integration is no longer available, and is currently only supported for existing customers. Please speak to your account manager for more information and alternative solutions. The Oracle SRM Custom Audiences app will continue to be available.

Oracle Eloqua enables marketers to plan and execute automated marketing campaigns while delivering a personalized customer experience for their prospects. These campaigns scale for audiences across all channels including email, display search, video advertising, and mobile. With integrated lead management and easy campaign creation, the solution helps marketers engage the right audience at the right time in their buyers journey. By gaining real-time insight through customers’ Digital Body Language, sales teams can close more deals at a faster rate increasing Marketing's ROI.

The Oracle Social Relationship Management (SRM) platform is a web-based application that helps brands and marketers create and publish content to their social properties, and monitor, manage, and analyze the engagement with that content.

You can integrate Oracle Eloqua and Oracle SRM to leverage the following features for your organization:

  • The Oracle SRM SmartCap app

    Push an Eloqua landing page to Oracle SRM. Schedule social media messages that coincide with the launch of a campaign in Eloqua.

  • Dynamic Link Tracking and Campaign tags

    View click throughs on Oracle SRM published social links within Eloqua.

  • The Oracle SRM Custom Audiences app

    Facebook's Custom Audiences system allows you to match your customer lists to Facebook users, opening you to social marketing opportunities you may not have had before by sending your Eloqua contacts into Oracle SRM. Using the SRM Custom Audiences app, you can take Eloqua contacts and add or remove them from Facebook Custom Audiences via SRM. This app is available on the campaign canvas and program canvas.

An image of the PDF icon. Download the Integrating Oracle Eloqua and Oracle Social Relationship Management Guide.


Configuring Oracle Eloqua and Oracle SRM for integration

Working with Oracle Eloqua and Oracle SRM integration


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Oracle SRM SmartCap app

SRM Custom Audiences app