Template choosers

Oracle Eloqua offers out-of-the-box templates for campaigns, landing pages, emails, and forms, and your organization might also create templates. Your organization can also create templates for segments and programs. You can see the templates available to you when you create an asset, segment, campaign, or program.

When you create a new campaign or asset, Oracle Eloqua presents you with the template chooser. The template chooser generally behaves the same way across Oracle Eloqua. The following image shows an example template chooser.

An image of the view icons with the grid view selected.



You can use these tabs to find the templates based on template attributes like recently created, or recently changed.


Layout options

You can toggle between a grid and a list layout.


Search bar

You can perform a basic search of available templates.


Template Gallery

Browse the templates provided by Oracle Eloqua or by your organization. Oracle Eloqua provides you with best practices templates.

Template restrictions

Landing page and email templates created by your organization can be set up with restrictions that can prevent you from changing or deleting elements of the template. For example, a template at your organization might contain a block of text required for legal reasons or restrictions to prevent changing the look and feel of the asset. Learn more about the email template manager and the landing page template manager.

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