Activity report

The activity report allows you to review site-level activity, such as when campaigns, scripts, actions, pages, and custom attributes were published, who published a campaign or site object, and which edits have been made.

Note: At a minimum, you need the viewer role to view the activity report.

To view the activity report:

  1. On the dashboard, click An image of the hamburger menu in the upper left-hand of the Maxymiser UI to expand the left-hand panel and then select Activity.

    Image of the Activity option in the left-hand panel

    The site's activity report page is displayed.

    Image of an activity report

    All published objects are shown in the activity tree. Each card contains the name of the object, object type, its status, the user who published it, and the date and time it was published.

    Image of an activity report

    If you want to see activity at the campaign level, navigate to the specific campaign and then its Activity tab.

    Image of the Overview tab

  2. You can use the activity report's left-hand filtering panel to filter activity by:
    • Campaign: A list of campaigns for the site that have been published at least once. This option is only available at the site level. The default option is All campaigns.
    • Search: Enter a search string to highlight corresponding activity.
    • Date: Select a date range for the activity. The default option is Last month.
    • Current status: filter for campaigns that are currently in one of the following states: Live, Paused, Serving, or Completed.
    • Type: You can filter activity by campaigns or shared objects (such as site pages, site scripts, site actions, or custom attributes).
  3. To compare any two publishing iterations, click object's name on its card. The publishing comparison is displayed.
  4. In the Comparing section, select any two publishing iterations. By default the current and previous iteration are selected.

    Image of a comparison between two publishing instances

    Campaign comparisons include campaign objects. To add site objects to a campaign comparison, select the Show Shared Objects option.
    Check marks indicate that the object was present. Dashes indicate that the object was not present. Blue indicates a change between the publish iterations.

    Image of a comparison between two publishing instances

  5. To open a comparison for a site object, click the name of the site object on an activity report's card.

    Image of an activity report highlighting the name of a specific site object

  6. To see a comparison for a site script changes between publish iterations, click the drop-down arrow.

    Image of a drop-down arrow highlighted in a comparison between two publishing instances

    Code editor changes are highlighted in yellow.

    Image of a highlighted code editor comparison between two publishing instances

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