Get Started: Implement Maxymiser

Implementation guidelines
Maxymiser Overview course
Creating a site
Configuring a library
Configuring site administration settings
Setting roles and permissions

Strategy & Test Design

Designing a test
Personalization overview
Custom attributes
Standard attributes
Audience insights
Campaign insights
Running a campaign on multiple pages
Search engine optimization guidelines

Content Editing

Redirecting visitors
Rich text editing
Replacing images
Inserting images
Making an object clickable
Selecting elements to edit or track
Testing on a responsive site
Creating a callout
Creating a lightbox
Creating a sticky bar
Testing a SPA website

Action Tracking

Tracking clicks in a campaign
Tracking page views in a campaign
Tracking revenue values on a page

Personalization and Targeting

Controlling devices allowed in my campaign
Cross-device campaigns
Personalizing content based on profile
Target my campaign to certain visitors only
Change traffic percentage
Track customer information via code, cookies, data layer, web page elements, and URLs

Preview, QA, Publish

Launching QA Tool
Performing QA
Variant edits
Publishing a campaign
Managing campaign groups
Scheduling my campaign
Creating a preview URL
Excluding experiences


Adobe Analytics
Google Universal Analytics
Decibel Insight
Oracle BlueKai
Oracle Infinity
Oracle Responsys
Oracle Eloqua
Responsys email signup lightbox

Technical Solutions

Ad optimization
Customizing a variant
Adding custom JavaScript to visitors
Using JavaScript targeting to qualify visitors
Inserting or editing custom HTML
Compatibility mode
Developer mode
Troubleshooting website loading
Technical FAQs

Developer Resources

Campaign Design API
Campaign Delivery API
Mobile app optimization

Quick Links

Maxymiser Insiders group
My Oracle Support
Data privacy and security features
Product updates
Help site map

Reporting & Analytics

Exporting campaign data
Using the Campaign Performance report
Saving a report
Subscribing to a report
Reporting FAQs

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