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Debugging & Logging

PushIOManager supports several debug levels which control how verbose the library is when logging to the console. Setting a debug level may significantly help troubleshooting your integration.

To set a debug level, simply add the following line before initializing the SDK:


The following log levels are available with increasingly more information:

Log.VERBOSE is the highest level of debugging and will display the data logged by the PushIOManager in the Logcat Log output.

NOTE: Logging is enabled by default with log level set as Log.INFO. It can be disabled by calling the following:



SDK Crash Reporting

The SDK is capable of reporting crashes that happen within the SDK back to Responsys. This feature is enabled by default.

You can disable this capability for your mobile app by calling the following method and passing false. To re-enable it, call the method and pass true.




If your app uses ProGuard, you may get some build-time warnings and/or runtime ClassNotFoundException related to the Responsys SDK. To work around this issue, add the following rules to your file:

# Rules for Responsys SDK
-keep class com.pushio.manager.** { *; }
-keep interface com.pushio.manager.** { *; }
-dontwarn com.pushio.manager.**