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Importing external device data

Many mobile app users do not sign up and provide profile data. This makes it difficult to create marketing campaigns that are of interest to the recipients. Responsys enables Marketers to enhance the information about unknown device users by importing device-based mobile analytics data.

To implement this, Responsys users can use the instructions in the "Using an App Channel List PET for mobile app behavioral targeting" section in the Mobile App Channel Configuration Guide. There are two main items with which they must coordinate with Mobile App Developers:

[1] Which option will you use to import external device data into Responsys? Mobile App Developers need to share this information with the Responsys users, because it determines the type of match key the Responsys users will set for the import job.

[2] What match key will they use to import the external data? If they are logging an external device ID through Responsys, they must choose one of the following App Channel List fields:

For more information about how to pick a field for the match key, see Step 5 of the "Importing an App Channel List PET" in the Mobile App Channel Configuration Guide.


Logging the external device ID through the Responsys Mobile App SDK

Advertising ID

    PushIOManager.getInstance(this).setAdvertisingID( String advertisingId );


External Device Tracking ID

    PushIOManager.getInstance(this).setExternalDeviceTrackingID( String externalDeviceTrackingID );



Logging device ID and API Key to an external SDK

Device ID