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App Channel List FAQs

What is the App Channel List?

Mobile apps that work with Responsys are associated with an App Channel List. The App Channel List:


How are App Channel List records matched with Profile List records in Responsys?

Responsys account administrators choose the match key field when they create the App Channel List. Mobile app developers are expected to set the match key value through the USER_IDENTIFIER in the app code. When the USER_IDENTIFIER field is set to a value, Responsys uses this value to look for a corresponding record in the App Channel List. If there is a record, the system associates that profile record to the newly created device record. If not, it creates a new Profile List record and associates the newly created contact record to the App Channel List record. See the section "Creating the App Channel List" in the topic Design Mobile Apps for Responsys for more information and recommendations about the match key.


Where can I find more information about the App Channel List?

The following document contains information about setting up the App Channel List in Responsys and a reference for the App Channel List system fields: Mobile App Channel Configuration Guide.