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Oracle CX Mobile SDK

The Oracle CX Mobile SDK is the core SDK used to power your mobile apps with the Oracle Responsys and Oracle Infinity solution. This SDK contains the Mobile Core that is required by the Responsys SDK to facilitate behavioral data collection from the mobile app.


What are the mobile SDKs available?

The Oracle Responsys Mobile SDK platform offers two paths:


Why OCX Mobile SDK and OCX Responsys SDK?

The OCX Responsys SDK is an SDK module that enables mobile app developers to develop apps that communicate with Oracle Responsys and Oracle Infinity. This SDK module also requires the core, OCX Modile SDK. The OCX Responsys SDK enables marketers to:

Some features of the SDK include:


Migrating from the Standalone Responsys SDK to the OCX Responsys SDK

You can migrate between the Standalone Responsys SDK to the OCX Responsys SDK and vice versa. To migrate from the Standalone Responsys SDK to the OCX Responsys SDK, you must be using a Responsys SDK version 6.40 and above. Similarly, to migrate from the OCX Responsys SDK to the Standalone Responsys SDK, you must adopt the latest version of the Standalone Responsys SDK.


Implementing Retargeting with the OCX Responsys SDK

To implement the retargeting capability, app developers need to perform the following steps:

  1. Integrate the Oracle CX Responsys Mobile SDK
  2. Integrate the Oracle CX Mobile SDK
  3. Raise the retargeting event
  4. Verify the event is in Infinity Streams
    • Login to Infinity Streams that is connected to the Responsys account
    • Within the app, take the action that generates one of the Retargeting events
    • Observe that the event is generated in Infinity Streams


When to use Standalone Responsys SDK vs. when to use OCX Responsys SDK

If you are only planning to use the functionality of Responsys, the Standalone Responsys SDK is the preferred module to use. Whereas the OCX Responsys SDK is the module that enables integrating with other Oracle CX Marketing SDKs such as Oracle Infinity.

The OCX Responsys SDK enables marketers with retargeting capabilities that are best suited for mobile apps retailing a product or service (for example apps for eCommerce, financial services, travel/transportation and so on).


Integration Guide

SDK Name Download Location Integration Guide
Oracle CX Mobile SDK
Oracle CX Responsys SDK
  • iOS (Coming soon)
  • Android (Coming soon)
Oracle Responsys SDK


Use Cases

The OCX Mobile SDK with OCX Responsys solution can be used to retarget mobile app users for the following use cases:

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the OCX Mobile and OCX Responsys SDK impact the SDK size?

The new OCX Mobile and OCX Responsys modules are optimized for size (both run time and build time) by using the latest techniques and technology. There is a significant size reduction experienced when the OCX SDKs are integrated with applications (compared to the Standalone SDK).

Do existing Standalone Responsys SDK customers need to re-implement the new OCX SDK?

Both SDKs leverage the same APIs. Customers who adopt the OCX SDK will not need to re-implement how their apps call the SDK APIs. App developers can migrate from the Responsys Standalone SDK version 6.40 to the OCX Responsys SDK version 6.45. We will support both the SDKs with all future releases.

These are some possible scenarios where customers should consider migrating to the OCX Responsys SDK:

Will the Responsys Standalone SDK still be supported or will all new customers have to adopt the OCX SDK?

The Responsys Standalone SDK will be supported for all new customers.

If I don't have Infinity streams can I install the OCX Mobile and OCX Responsys SDK?

Yes, without Infinity streams, customers can still install the OCX Mobile and OCX Responsys SDK. However all capabilities related to Infinity streams will not be available.