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Responsys now supports retargeting use cases for mobile apps through the Responsys with Infinity SDK and Infinity Streams. Responsys with Infinity SDK supports all the current functionality of the Responsys Push SDK and also supports retargeting use cases for mobile apps through Infinity Streams. You will be able to retarget your known mobile app users with follow-up promotional messages for the following mobile app behavioral events: Searched Item, Browsed Item, Added Item to Cart, Removed Item from Cart, Cleared Cart, Updated Stage of Cart, and Purchased Cart.

Note: Currently, retargeting is not currently available for unknown mobile app users.


The Oracle Marketing Cloud SDK that includes the Responsys SDK and Infinity SDK is available on

Getting Started

To begin, we will review some information that will help you understand what retargeting can do and how it works.

About Retargeting

Retargeting, also known as remarketing, is a form of online advertising that can help you keep your brand in front of bounced traffic after they leave your app.

The retargeting tool is designed to help companies reach the 98% of users who don't convert right away.

About mobile app events

Mobile app events (or mobile app actions) are activities initiated by mobile app users. Retargeting is designed to listen for events related to searching, browsing, and actions the mobile app user takes with a shopping cart user interface. These activities include:

Activity Description
Searched Mobile app user conducted a search using your mobile app’s search function.
Browsed Mobile app user browsed a product details screen or product quick view overlay on a category screen.
Added Item to Cart Mobile app user added an item to a shopping cart by clicking on the Add button on the product category screen, quick view overlay on the product category screen, and/or on the product details screen.
Removed Item from Cart Mobile app user removed product from cart by clicking the Remove/Delete button or updated the quantity to zero next the desired product in the cart view screen.
Cleared Cart Mobile app user removed all products from the shopping cart by clicking the Clear All/Delete All button on the cart view screen.
Updated Stage of Cart Mobile app user proceeded to a different stage in the purchasing process (for example, from Shipping Information screen to Billing Information screen).
Purchased Cart Mobile app user completed the product purchase transaction.

See Mobile Events for more information about each event types and its attributes.

Modifying your mobile app to support retargeting

See the platform specific topics to learn more about implementing retargeting in your app:

Retargeting Limitations

No unanimous targeting support

A user must be known to be targeted. There is currently no unanimous targeting. Retargeting is only possible for known user where a user ID is provided through registerUserID().

Only custom Events are supported

Currently only custom events are supported for retargeting. We are working on enhancing the solution to provide support for pre-defined events.

Custom Session duration

Currently session life duration cannot be customized. By default this is set to 30 minutes. If marketers has a use case which depends on session life to expire, it will be ran after 30 minutes of the session being closed. For example: If a marketer wants to send a push message to all users who have abandoned a cart (added item to cart, but did not purchase), they can only be targeted 30 minutes after the session closed.