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This section provides troubleshooting tips for mobile app developers using Oracle Responsys Mobile App Platform Cloud Service.


Mobile App Console Errors

Q: Why is there an error icon displayed for my app on the Mobile App Console?

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A: Three possible reasons are:

For instructions for adding apps and editing app and platform settings, see Manage Apps and Platforms.

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Q: Why can't I delete apps or delete platforms?

A: Only users with Mobile App Admin role can delete apps and platforms. Contact your Responsys Account Administrator for assistance.


Mobile App Test Errors

Q: How do I find the Device ID, so that I can send a test push?

A: After you install the mobile app on the test device, you can obtain the device ID from the session log of your test device during Registration. Search for the text "Device ID:" (iOS) or the text "PushIO Device ID" (Android) and obtain its value.

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Q: When testing, I received the error "Error: App Channel List is NOT defined for this App". How do I fix this?

A: A Responsys Account Admin must define an App Channel List for the mobile app using the Managing Mobile App Configurations page in Responsys. After this has been completed, try testing again.

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Q: When testing, I received the error "Device Registration has not been received for this Test Device." How do I fix this?

A: The device registration has not been received by the Responsys servers, so the App Channel List does not have any entries corresponding to the Device Id. Ensure you have implemented the SDK integration correctly, as defined in this guide.

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Q: When testing, the platform (APNs/GCM)returned an error that the push notification was not accepted for delivery. What do I do?

A: Check the detailed error description, and then review the documentation for the platform. (Note that platform errors may also impact Mobile App Channel campaign launches from Responsys as well as those scheduled or triggered through the Responsys Web Services API.)

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Q: When testing my mobile app with a Rich Push message (Push campaign with Notification Action of "Open Rich Message"), the app displays a message box but it has no content. Why did this happen, and how can I fix it?

A: This occurs when the mobile app is not configured properly to display Rich Push and In-App messages. See the "In-App Messaging & Rich Push" topics for your supported platform(s) for details:

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Q: When testing my mobile app on iOS, the push notification does not display when the app is running.

A: This is the expected default behavior. If you would like push notifications to display when the app is running, modify your mobile app as described in Displaying Alerts While App Is Running.