Responsys REST API authentication endpoint URLs


This section provides the standard REST API authentication endpoints for each of the Responsys production environments.

REST authentication endpoint URLs

Depending on the system that hosts your Responsys account, use one of the following endpoint in your authentication request:

  • Responsys Interact 2:

  • Responsys Interact 5:

  • Responsys Interact 8:

  • Responsys Interact 9:

  • Global Routing (REST API): https://{AccountToken}

  • Global Routing (AFTM): {AccountToken}

Note: For Global Routing customers, your unique global routing endpoint details are available in the Responsys interface. In Responsys, select Account > Global settings > Account configuration and look for the endpoint in the WS End Point field.

After successfully logging in, use the URL returned in the authentication request for subsequent REST API requests.

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