Responsys Personalization Language (RPL)

Responsys Personalization Language (RPL) is the language used for generating text output based on templates. RPL is designed to generate HTML and Text for email, web and other uses.

Although RPL has many programming capabilities, it is not a full-blown programming language like PHP or Java.  It is implemented to work only from within the Interact Suite. Other than that, you can accomplish many programming tasks using this language.

The following diagram shows how RPL executes templates and produces output.

Oracle Responsys personalization in the past

For a long time, personalization in Interact was based on what is commonly known as built-in functions. Built-in functions were developed through customer needs over the years and are a Responsys proprietary language. This language is limited as a programming language in its ability to do sophisticated personalization in an efficient manner. Over time, the next generation of the language was envisioned and it was decided to create a language more akin to a programming language to expand the power of personalization capabilities of Interact.

When the Message Designer for Email is turned on for an account, existing campaigns using the built-in functions will continue to work. You can create new campaigns that leverage the Message Designer for Email and RPL.

Document conventions

Variable names, template fragments, etc. are written like this: variableName.

If something should be replaced with a value, it is written like this: Hello yourName!.

New terms are written in italics.

Definitions of built-ins, directives, and methods are written like this:


Code examples are written like this:

Code example

Data model examples are written like this:

Data example

Output examples are written like this:

Output Example

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