Data Redaction

Important: This feature is only available if it is enabled for your account.

Redaction is the process of censoring or obscuring part of a text for legal or security purposes. The Data Redaction feature redacts customer data in Responsys to obfuscate consumers' Personally Identifiable Information (PII) from Responsys users. For example, Responsys accounts may want to redact customer data such as Email Addresses and Mobile Phone Numbers in the profile list to ensure customer data is hidden from Responsys end users. Data redaction ensures that Responsys accounts are compliant with data protection regulations to keep consumers' PII or medical records (for HIPAA compliance) confidential. Account Administrators can see which columns are already redacted by navigating to Account > Global settings > Data security. Learn more about Adding or editing a redacted column.

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Data Redaction in Responsys

Data redaction is available for user-selected attributes in profile lists, profile extension tables (PETs), and supplemental tables. Data is obfuscated in the application so the data remains confidential to Responsys end users. For example, when viewing profile lists or PETs, the redacted fields are obfuscated with asterisks.

If the data is downloaded from Responsys to Excel spreadsheet, the redacted data is preserved. However, data exported through Connect is not redacted and therefore users are strongly encouraged to use the Connect file encryption feature if the Responsys account is enabled for data redaction.

Partial Data Redaction

Certain profile system columns can also be partially rather than fully redacted.

Profile system column Option for partial redaction
EMAIL_ADDRESS_ Redact only consonants
CUSTOMER_ID_ Redact the last 10 characters
MOBILE_NUMBER_ Redact the last 10 characters

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