Side navigation bar changes

Important: The new side navigation bar is currently under measured deployment and will be rolled out over time.

The side navigation bar's interface has been updated and improved as of the Oracle Responsys 19B update. This topic describes those changes. It also provides a place for users to compare the new and old navigation.

Changes to the side navigation bar

Summary of significant menu changes

  • All the 'Create' actions are now consolidated under the Actions menu item.

    Important: You will still be able to perform 'Create' actions from 'Manage' pages. For example, to create a campaign, you can choose to do so via the side navigation bar by clicking Actions > Create Campaign, or via the Manage Campaigns page by clicking Create Campaign.

  • A new Filters page is now accessible via the Audiences menu item in the side navigation bar. The Filters page has a user-centric design that focuses on key usability aspects such as search, filter, sort, and load additional filters upon scroll.
  • The following pages have updated titles:
    • The Manage Lists page is now the Profile Lists page.
    • The Manage Audiences page is now the Audiences page.
    • The Manage Programs page is now the Programs page.
    • The Current Activity page is now the Forms page.
    • The Campaign Monitor page is now the Monitor Campaigns page.
  • The Mobile App Console menu item is no longer in the side navigation bar. It can now be found via the Account management page.

Summary of navigation changes

Old menu option Old submenu option New navigation option Change
Home N/A Home No
My Tasks N/A

My Tasks

Collaboration Create Process Actions > Create Process Yes
Collaboration Start Process Collaboration > Start Process No
Collaboration Monitor Process Collaboration > Monitor Process No
Campaigns Manage Campaigns Campaigns > Manage Campaigns No
Campaigns Create Email Template Actions > Create Email Template Yes
Campaigns Create Campaign Actions > Create Campaign Yes
Campaigns Create from Classic Template Actions > Create from Classic Template Yes
Campaigns Launch Split Run Actions > Launch Split Run Campaign Yes
Campaigns View Calendar Campaigns > Campaign Calendar Yes
Campaigns Create Link Table Actions > Create Link Table Yes
Programs Manage Programs Programs Yes
Programs Create Program Actions > Create Program Yes
Folders N/A Folders No
Audiences Manage Audiences Audiences > Manage Audiences No
Audiences N/A Audiences > Filters Yes
Audiences Create Audience Actions > Create Audience Yes
Content Manage Content Content > Content Library Yes
Content Upload Content Actions > Upload Content Yes
Content Create Document Actions > Create Document Yes
Content Manage Hosted Content Content > Hosted Content Yes
Content Create Dynamic Content Template Actions > Create Dynamic Content Template Yes
Content Create Template from Campaign Actions > Create Template from Campaign Yes
Data Manage Lists Data > Profile Lists Yes
Data Create view/Supplemental table Actions > Create View/Supplemental Table Yes
Data View Data Uploads in Progress Data > Upload Status Yes
Data Connect Data > Connect No
Insight Interactive Dashboards Insight > Interactive Dashboards No
Insight Live Report Insight > Live Report No
Forms Create Form Actions > Create Form Yes
Forms View Active Forms Forms > Active Forms Yes
Forms Create from Existing Form Actions > Create Form from Existing Form Yes
Forms Close Form Forms > Close Forms Yes
Tools Transactional Message Search Tools > Transactional Messages Yes
Tools Manage events Tools > Events Yes
Tools Create event Actions > Create Events Yes
Tools Campaign Monitor Insight > Monitor Campaigns Yes
Tools Deliverability Plus Tools > Deliverability Plus No
Mobile App Console N/A Account > Campaign management > Mobile App developer console Yes
Account N/A Account No

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