Mobile number data import handling in Responsys

Oracle Responsys supports three different options for validating mobile numbers:

  • E.164 is the recommended format. E.164 is an internationally-recognized standard phone number format, which includes the country code as part of the phone number. Using it helps ensure better deliverability for your SMS campaign messages. When you import mobile numbers using the E.164 format, the system stores the full number and automatically populates the MOBILE_COUNTRY_ field. Note that the system removes the leading "+" from mobile numbers in the full E.164 format.

    The number 16505551212 has the United States country code (1) and a subscriber number of 6505551212. On import, the system stores 16505551212 in the MOBILE_NUMBER_ field. The system also automatically populates the MOBILE_COUNTRY_ field with US.
    The number 551198765432 has the Brazil country code (55) and a subscriber number of 1198765432. On import, the system stores 551198765432 in the MOBILE_NUMBER_ field. The system also automatically populates the MOBILE_COUNTRY_ field with BR.

  • Local is a supported format that does not include the country code as part of the mobile number. When the mobile country is provided in the import file, it is stored in the MOBILE_COUNTRY_ field. If it is not provided, the system sets it to the default country code that you choose when setting up the import through the Responsys user interface.

    Example: Your account settings are E.164, but for the import job, you chose Local as the import format and US as the default mobile country. Your import file has mobile numbers but not mobile country codes. A record in your import file has a mobile number of 6505551212. The system adds the country code (1) to the number, based on the default country code you selected for the job. It stores 16505551212 in the MOBILE_NUMBER_ field and US in the MOBILE_COUNTRY_ field.

  • No Format Enforced is a legacy setting. It stores the number as provided in the import file.

Override options for mobile number data imports

When you import data into Responsys through the user interface (file upload or Connect job), you have some ability to override the mobile number format validation. For example, if your account setting is for Local, you can override it at the job level to validate for E.164 format.

There are some limits to this capability. To help prevent invalid and duplicate mobile number values, your Responsys account settings determine which override options you can choose at the job level when you import mobile numbers:

  • You can't override the No Format Enforced account setting with the Local or E.164 job setting.
  • You can't override Local or E.164 account settings with the No Format Enforced job setting.

If you choose Local format, you must also select a default mobile country code. To avoid setting the mobile country code incorrectly, ensure that you also import data into the MOBILE_COUNTRY_CODE_ field.

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