SMS Full Service and Self Service

If you plan to use the SMS channel for your marketing campaigns, you have two options for using aggregators: Self Service and Full Service. With Self Service, Oracle Responsys provides a network of SMS aggregators from which you can order services. With Full Service, Oracle will take care of the SMS aggregator partnerships needed for SMS delivery. You won't have the operational overhead of identifying and contracting with regional partners. Oracle Responsys teams will procure codes and manage services with the best vendors specific to each region. Learn more about ordering codes for SMS Full Serve and Self Serve.

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SMS Self Service


  • Interaction SKU

Who is this for?

  • Users who have a very local customer base.
  • Users who want to work with a specific aggregator.

SMS Full Service


  • Full Service add-on SKU (usage)
  • Setup and Maintenance SKU

Who is this for?

  • Enterprises that would want Oracle to identify, manage, and monitor the SMS delivery partner (including all service SLAs).
  • Users prefer to work with one vendor for all their channels.

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Managing SMS aggregators for your account

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