SuitePeople HR

With its self-service functionality, SuitePeople HR allows human resources, managers and employees to perform their daily tasks easily and effectively.

Watch the videos in this section to learn about performance management, effective dating, time-off management, and other related features.

Compensation Tracking

Tracking Compensation in NetSuite

Awarding Bonuses in NetSuite

Employee Change Requests

Employee Change Requests Overview

Employee Change Request Types

Creating an Approval Workflow for Employee Change Requests

Creating and Managing Employee Change Requests from Employee Records

Employee Change Requests in the Employee Center

Effective Dating

Using Effective Dating with the Employee Record

Managing Employee Change Reasons for Effective Dating

Employee Timeline

Introducing the Employee Timeline

Performance Management

Interacting with the Goals of Your Direct Reports

Real-Time Updates to Goals with Performance Metrics

Manage Goals in the Employee Center

Termination Reason Tracking

Using the Termination Reason Tracking Feature

Time-Off Management

Reviewing Time-Off Requests

Requesting Time-Off from NetSuite’s Employee Center

Time-Off Management Overview and Creating Time-Off Types — Video 1 of 4

Creating Time-Off Plans Using the Time-Off Management Feature — Video 2 of 4

Creating Time-Off Rules Using the Time-Off Management Feature — Video 3 of 4

Assigning a Time-Off Plan Using the Time–Off Management Feature — Video 4 of 4

Workforce Analytics

Working with Workforce Analytics

General Notices