3 Set Up Data Sources

This topic describes how to set up data sources for Publisher.

Set Up a JNDI Connection to Access Audit Data

You can't create new JDBC and JNDI connections to data sources. You can only use the provisioned JDBC and JNDI connections. However, to create audit reports, you are allowed to create JNDI connections to the system-defined data sources to access the audit data source (AuditViewDataSource).

  1. From the Administration page, click JNDI Connection.
  2. Click Add Data Source.
  3. Enter a display name for the data source. This name is displayed in the Data Source selection list in the Data Model Editor.
  4. Enter the JNDI name for the connection pool. For example, jdbc/AuditViewDataSource.
  5. Optional: In Pre Process Function and Post Process Function fields, enter a PL/SQL function to execute when a connection is created (Pre Process) or closed (Post Process).
  6. Optional: Select Use Proxy Authentication to enable Proxy Authentication.
  7. Click Test Connection. You see a confirmation message if the connection is established.
  8. Optional: Select Allow Guest Access to enable public access.
  9. Define security for this data source connection. Move the required roles from the Available Roles list to the Allowed Roles list. Only users assigned the roles in the Allowed Roles list can create or view reports from this data source.