Setting Preferences

You can, optionally, set the following preferences:

  • General

  • Accounts

  • Reports

  • Calculation

  • Global Assumptions

To set preferences:

  1. On the Strategic Modeling ribbon, click The User Preferences icon.
  2. On the General tab, you can set the following:
    • Limit currency name choices to default list to disable adding currencies.

    • Select Show Formula in Status Bar to display formulas for calculated accounts.

    • Name to display scenario author.

    • Data directory specify the path to store files.

    • Template directory specify the path to store templates.

  3. Click Accounts tab to specify account-related preferences such as the following:
    • Show headers displays row and column headers, when you open a model.

    • Number of decimals for input display— Number of decimal values that can be entered. This does not affect data storage.

    • Number of decimals for output display—The number, between 0 and 6, of decimal values to display in reports and graphs. This does not affect data storage.

  4. Click Reports tab to specify reports-related preferences such as the following:
    • Maximum reports on open—The maximum number of reports that are opened with a model.

    • Show headers—Display standard report headers.

    • Characters per note line—Enter a number between 10 and 255 that is the maximum number of characters that can be used for account notes.

    • Insert subaccounts with main account—Include or exclude the placement of subaccounts in reports when you insert main accounts.

    • Insert dimensional block —Include or exclude the full dimensional block in reports when you insert main accounts.

    • Show headers—Display or conceal freestyle report headers.

  5. Click Calculation tab to specify calculation-related preferences such as the following:
    • Suppress funds flow out of balance warning—Generate "Funds Flow Out of Balance" errors when funds flow do not balance in historical periods.

    • Auto calculate newly selected scenario—Enable automatic scenario calculation.

    • Warn for deprecated functions—Generate warnings if deprecated functions are encountered during calculations.

    • Suppress zeroes on analyze—Exclude empty cells from calculation, analysis, and audit trail features.

  6. Click Global Assumptions tab to specify global assumptions-related preferences such as the following:
    • Display messages advising that file was updated by export—Show messages when files are updated with global assumptions.

    • Automatically accept import updates without prompting during import — Do not notify users when global assumption changes are accepted.

  7. Click OK.