Setting Global Assumptions: Exchange Rates

If you created a multicurrency application, set up exchange rates. You can enter exchange rates manually as described here, or import them. For information about importing exchange rates, see Importing Exchange Rates for a Simplified Multicurrency Application in Administering Planning .

To set up exchange rates manually:

  1. Add members for each of your currencies in the Currency dimension.
  2. Click Global Assumptions to open the Exchange Rates to <Base Currency> task. Here you'll enter the exchange rates for the currencies that planners will use.
  3. Select the members from the Point of View.
  4. Enter average and ending exchange rates for each period and each currency, and then save the form.

The form is renamed to Exchange Rates to <Base Currency>, where <Base Currency> is the reporting currency you selected when you created the application. For example, if the application base currency is Yen, the form is Exchange Rates to Yen. This indicates to planners the currency against which exchange rates are used to convert their data, and enables them to enter rates specific to scenario, year, and version.


If you add a new Version member, you must enter exchange rates in that version.